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U.S. Coast Guard Approved

GMDSS Radio Operator Training

GMDSS.COM offers a 70-hour GMDSS Radio Operator course that satisfies the training requirements found in Section A-IV/W of the Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) Code. The STCW establishes international qualification standards for seafarers (e.g., master, officers, and watch personnel) aboard merchant ships at sea.  Students successfully completing our course receive an endorsement on their STCW Certificate as "Valid for service on vessels operating in the GMDSS system" and FCC GMDSS Radio Operator certification.  

Students receive classroom instruction, demonstrations, and individualized attention based on the U.S. Coast Guard GMDSS Model Course. Students learn how to operate associated equipment in emergency and routine situations. Emphasis is placed on procedures to transmit a DISTRESS ALERT in time of emergency and other procedures to facilitate successful search and rescue operations at sea. Additional topics describe the routine use of GMDSS radio equipment to: receive Maritime Safety Information (MSI), communicate by Narrow Band Direct Printing (NBDP), and utilize INMARSAT satellite equipment.                                                                      

A knowledgeable and experienced instructor will help you achieve important learning objectives throughout the course. FCC and U.S. Coast Guard GMDSS examinations are administered in the final classroom session. 

If you are seeking GMDSS Radio Operator training and certification, this is the finest training program offered anywhere. Our curriculum, teaching methods, and individualized attention have enabled us to successfully train hundreds of students in the GMDSS since 1994.  Our client list includes the U.S. Army, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Maine Maritime Academy, California Maritine Academy, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, the Military Sealift Command, and individual students ashore and aboard ship. 

GMDSS is not simply another class we teach ... it is our specialty. Please contact us for further information.